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Investment Bonds
Investment Bonds vary and are traditionally used for medium to long term investments in stocks and shares. This type of bond is versatile and as an investor the risk that you want to take with your funds can normally be matched, whether it be low risk, medium risk or high risk. 

Unit Trusts
Unit Trust can be a pool of investments based upon your attitude to risk. 

The incomes from this can be distributed or re-invested, depending on your current needs and will be liable for income tax.

Equity Based ISA's
Equity Based ISA's can give you a better return over the medium to long term and will not be taxed at anytime, they are free of income tax liability on withdrawal (income or lump sum) and have no liability to capital gains tax.

Cash Savings

If you want your funds to be accessible, cash based savings i.e. banks or building societies are your best option. ISA's are savings accounts where you earn tax free interest, however there are limits on how much you can deposit each tax year.

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